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“Apartment A -- the West Side’s most consistently innovative repertory company of actors, directors and writers -- once again demonstrates its originality, talent and fearlessness...” Flavorpill #103 Cultural Stimuli in LA, 2/15/05  

All Night Radio: “Genuinely intriguing... a tragic portrait of wayward youth and apathetic decay.” LA Weekly 4/3/02
A Safe Distance: “Hilarious, vital and edgy... nimbly traversing the razor’s edge of uncomfortable rawness and biting wit.” LA Weekly, 5/13/04 (Pick of the Week) 

“A near-perfect slice of life... takes us on a soaring flight of entertaining reality in which every character is priceless.” Backstage West 5/6/2004 (Critic’s Pick). 

“ ensemble of terrific performances, true to life, and a sheer joy to watch.” Review 5/13/04 

 “..the play’s sociological insightfulness is its greatest strength... Well worth a look.” Flavorpill 5/20/04 

Three: “Apartment A... scores a coup with uniformly excellent acting, agile directing (Michael Angelo Stuno) and a remarkable new voice in playwright Patricia Cotter. Her ear for contemporary dialogue combines with a keen understanding of her generation’s foibles and a sharp sense of humor to create a fresh and tender comedy.” LA Weekly(Recommended)

"Locals dissatisfied with the current divide on morality must see "Three," the latest offering from Apartment A, at the Electric Lodge in Venice. Patricia Cotter's acerbic study of three couples upended after one pair's drunken menage a trois addresses monogamy with considerable convulsive insight." David C. Nichols, LA Times 11/26/2004

An Evening on the Brink: “Performances are shriek-inducingly funny... The promising new theatre company operating out of Venice’s solar-powered Electric Lodge.” Backstage West 2/10/2005

"A unique and highly enjoyable collection of seven original mini-plays. Performed, directed and written by this multi-talented group, each scene is colorfully unpredictable and offers cutting-edge views of life off-kilter from the norm." - Tolucan Times

Ascension: "(Maurice Chauvet's) knowledgeable look at an affluent white bread LA family as it begins to crack under its facade is intelligent, grounded, and funny, beautifully and lovingly produced by Apartment A. Chauvet has drawn complex characters that don't settle for easy answers, and Michael Angelo Stuno very assuredly directs this compelling company.
- Backstage West (Critics Pick) 
"A powerful drama examining contemporary conceptions of truth and morality..."
- Venice Magazine
"Chauvet...packs his drama with the kind of rhetorical explosions that normally send people rushing to their neighbor's walls with ears cupped."
- LA Weekly

"A strong cast shows their talent... Chauvet is a superior playwright." 
- LA Times

"This latest gem from Venice-based repertory company Apartment A... Part comic-tragic think piece, part mystery of faith, this show explores the viability of moral living in the ethics-free zone of today's business climate, letting you draw your own conclusions." - Flavorpill LA

Best/Worst:"Patricia Cotter’s new comedy is a perfect recipe for emotional disaster and a quite wonderful play." Stephanie Lysaght, LA Weekly 11/22/2006

" absolutely wonderful cast...a smart, funny, touching world...all the ingredients are in place. Stuno and the cast are as comfortable with the silences and subtleties as they are with the authentic comic indulgences." - Backstage West

"Stunning. Director Michael Angelo Stuno's effective production, performed on Shing Yin Khor's well-appointed, comfortable cottage set, with exceptional ensemble performances, is a solid evening of entertainment." - American Radio Network

"Caught in the middle of the worst Cape Cod vacation ever, hilarity, hysteria and self-awareness ensue as the man, his wife, and buddy (all in the midst of separate existential crises) face off against each other." - Flavorpill LA

An Evening in Defense of Delight: "Where did this Venice based collective of playwrights come from? How was it that we have never heard of Apartment A? We feel so out of touch and so enlightened at the same time." "All this death and sadness and all the audience can do is laugh. If you want to take partake in this, and we highly recommend it." -- LAist 4/7/2007

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